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  • Select your town.
  • Choose number of adult tickets. (Remember two children 14 and under are FREE with one paid adult).
  • Please do not add any children, unless there are more than two children per adult ticket.
  • Once you have completed these steps, please print your receipt! 


  1. Ticket Prices:

Adults are $15.00 which allows two children 14 and under in for FREE with one paid adult.

Any additional children are $5.00 each.

Tax is included in all ticket sales, at the gate, and online.

In some locations there are local sponsoring organizations that might be selling tickets at a lower price then the online sales, so please check with your local media and merchants, call our home office @ #800.528.6577 or click on this link... Upcoming Dates


  1. What is the age range?

Children 2 to 14 are considered children. 15 years old and older are considered an adult. Children under two are automatically free. We do not have a senior citizen discount or military discount.


  1. How long is the performance?

Each performance is 1 1/2 hours long, including a 15 minute intermission.


  1. What is the difference between Indoor and under the BIGTOP Shows?

The Indoor Circus can be seen during the winter and spring months (Feb. - May) with performances given inside facilities such as National Guard Armories, Fairgrounds buildings, Gymnasiums and Expo/Event Centers.

The BIGTOP Circus can be seen during the summer and fall months (June - Oct), with performances given under the BIGTOP tent at various locations such as Fairgrounds, Parks and Event Grounds etc.....

* BIGTOP Circus can also be seen in South Florida during Jan.- Feb. months. *


  1. Seating arrangements.


Indoor Circus features general seating only.


BIGTOP Circus features general seating only. Our one ring European style big top ensures optimum viewing from any seat in the house.


  1. What time should you arrive?


Indoor Circus: Doors will open one hour prior to circus show time.

Depending on the venue, pony rides, camel rides, bounce house and giant slide may be available.

Our BIGTOP Circus Midway will open one hour before show time! It features a circus concession stand with tons of circus treats, camel rides, pony rides, bounce house and a giant slide. Entrance to circus big top will open 30 minutes before show barring any special circumstances.

( Handicapped or special needs patrons may enter the big top earlier.)


  1. Can you buy food and souvenirs at our shows?


Yes! The Indoor and Bigtop Circus has a wide variety of delectable treats and exciting merchandise, for both children and adults.

  1. Is the show entertaining for children and adults?


Yes! Walker International Events, Inc. is the highest quality live family entertainment. It brings wonder, joy, laughter and awe to people of all ages.

  1. Are your clowns scary?


NO! Our clown is warm, friendly, and non-intimidating. He does not wear scary wigs or make-up. Our clown is one of the best features of the circus!

  1. If you receive a discount adult coupon....


If you received an adult 2 for 1 coupon, you must  purchase one additional adult ticket, and that will allow two children in FREE, with the additional PAID adult. These coupons are only given to local merchants to give to their employees.

  11. Group Rates....             

     If you are inquiring on group rates, please call our home office 7 days in advance. 800.528.6577   


12. Do you have elephants or other exotic animals? Are there any animals?


Yes! We have animals, however; we do not have tigers, lions or elephants. Like the human performers in our circus, our animal partners exhibit extraordinary talent and intelligence.


* If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call or email our home office @ 800.528.6577 or email us at



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